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A Belated Royal Funeral

Karla Adam has this story in the WaPo, giving us another segment of the story that won't die, though its subject did over five centuries ago.
The story discusses the funeral arrangements for King Richard III, who was dug up from beneath a parking lot three years ago.

The subhead says it will be "a funeral fit for a king."  Yes, he was a king, but only because he usurped the throne of the young nephew his dying brother appointed him to protect.  Richard is responsible for the deaths of the two boys, IMHO, whether he personally ordered their murder or not.  (Who actually killed them and on whose orders remains one of history's unsolved mysteries.)  What kind of funeral is fit for a man like that?  Anyway ...

Richard III died in the Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485, only two years after becoming king, and his burial at the time was a hasty affair. But five centuries on, the long-lost monarch will be given a modern-day funeral with a splash of British pomp .

Led by armor-suited knights on horseback, a funeral cortege on Sunday will tour local sites connected to Richard III's final days, including the place he is presumed to have died and the church where some think he went to Mass on the eve of his fatal battle against the troops of Henry Tudor.

Horseback?  There's an ironic touch.  Richard's partisans (yes, a few people still argue about the Wars of the Roses in England) really hate the Shakespeare version.  "My kingdom for a horse" and all that.

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