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A Culture of Rape or a Culture of Lies?

According to multiple sources, including this ABC News piece, the sensational story of a sadistic gang rape by (white, let's not forget that) frat boys is unsupported by any substantive evidence.  In other words, after searching for months, the police couldn't find a single witness or a single piece of forensic evidence to support the story.  Zip. The ABC article begins (emphasis added);

A five-month police investigation into an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia, described in graphic detail in a Rolling Stone article, showed no evidence the attack took place and was stymied by the accuser's unwillingness to cooperate, authorities said Monday.

The article entitled "A rape on campus" traced the story from a student identified only as "Jackie," who said she was raped at a Phi Kappa Psi fraternity house on September, 28, 2012. Police said there were numerous discrepancies between the article and what they found in their investigation.

"All I can tell you is that there is no substantive basis to conclude that what was reported in that article happened," Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo said.

Longo said Jackie first described a sexual assault in May 2013 when she met with a dean about an academic issue, but "the sexual act was not consistent with what was described" in the Rolling Stone article. When she met with police, she didn't want them to investigate the alleged assault.

She also refused to talk to police after the article was printed in November and ignited the national conversation about sexual assaults on college campuses. 

Ah, yes, our old friend the "national conversation."
White males aren't very much in vogue nowadays in the "conversation," being The Oppressor Class. Now one might think that, with all the oppressing they do, it wouldn't be necessary to concoct stories about them, but apparently I'm getting that wrong. Indeed, I doubt its's a coincidence that this story follows hard on the heels of last week's, in which, as Kent noted, the pack of lies bullhorned at that other demonic white male, Officer Darren Wilson, was also exposed.  The Washington Post gave it its maximum rating for deceit. 

Left to mine own devices, I would just as soon never say another word on this blog about gender or race, but I do not get to set the terms of the public debate. The fact is that, white males being the single largest demographic group among the police and prosecutors (and the armed services and the current Congress), they have become fair game.  They are, according to the "national conversation," Bad People simply because of who they are.

Liberals used to know better than to castigate their fellow creatures based on who they are, but that seems like long, long ago.

There aren't going to be any apologies to Darren Wilson, and there aren't going to be any to the fraternity members involved (or, more accurately, not involved) in this fabricated rape.  To the exact contrary, those who see police (and frat boys and prosecutors and Congress) as The Enemy will not only pay no price for their mendacity; they'll continue, to cheering throngs, demanding the "national conversation"  --  a conversation that is not a dialogue in any normal sense, but is instead a self-righteous diatribe.

That the diatribe includes  --  and, so it seems, increasingly depends on  --  lying, is simply of no moment.  And, more and more, it doesn't matter what the lies are about  --  whether the non-existent innocence of Roger Keith Coleman; the non-existent guilt of the Duke lacrosse team; the nonsense notion that jail does not reduce crime; Troy Davis; Trayvon Martin; Darren Wilson; or the latest rape hoax.

The point of these lies is always the same:  To undermine the moral confidence needed to sustain the law and the institutions that keep us safe.  

This is the other side's goal.  As is now unarguably clear, one of their principal weapons is deceit.  This is unconscionable, but they get away with it, so we had best gird ourselves for the long, twilight struggle we need to fight back.

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