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Oklahoma Senate Unanimously Passes Nitrogen Bill

The Oklahoma Senate has passed SB 794 making nitrogen asphyxiation an authorized method of execution in the event that the primary method, lethal injection, "is held unconstitutional ... or is otherwise unavailable ...."

The vote was 45-0.  I expected it to pass, but I am pleasantly surprised it was unanimous.  The House passed the same bill as HB 1879.  See this post.  Presumably one house will now pass the other's version, and it will be off to the governor.

Meanwhile, Utah passed a firing squad bill.  Dan Frosch has this story in the WSJ.  Not a good idea, folks.



What are your concerns with the firing squad?

The gruesomeness of it will be a PR bonanza for the other side.

This is chess. You have to think way beyond the next move.

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