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Supreme Court Takes Up Two Criminal Cases

The US Supreme Court took up two criminal cases today.  The first is Foster v. Humphrey, No. 14-8349, a Georgia capital case in which the defendant was convicted of the murder of a 79-year-old widow, Queen Madge White.  The evidence showed she had also been sexually molested with a salad dressing bottle.  The claim is racial discrimination in use of peremptory challenges, i.e., a Batson v. Kentucky claim.

The State's Brief in Opposition is here.

The Court also took up a federal case, Lockhart v. United States, No. 14-8358.  The question relates to sex offenses triggering a mandatory minimum under federal sentencing law.

The Court decided three civil cases.

Generally in May and early June the Supreme Court announces opinions only on Mondays (and the Monday-like Tuesday after Memorial Day), so we expect opinions again on Monday, June 1.

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