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Criminals Adapting to CA's Prop 47:  Though too early to comprehensively assess how California's Prop 47, the voter approved initiative that went into effect in November 2014 downgrading certain felonies to misdemeanors, law enforcement in Riverside County say that one result is clear:  offenders have adjusted their behavior to push the limits of the new law.  Sheriff Stan Sniff has this piece in the Desert Sun, stating that deputies have noticed that individuals arrested for theft have been careful not to exceed the $950 cutoff, and one man even admitted that what attracted him to mail theft was the lenient treatment the crime received under the law.  With police officers' duties to detain offenders stifled, and with no real consequences to "minor" criminals for their crimes, the price of Prop 47 is "steep for the public, while slight for the perpetrators."

'All Clear' at the DC Navy Yard After Reports of Gunfire:  A massive police response ensued after gunfire was reported at the same Washington Navy Yard where a gunman killed 12 people in 2013, but authorities issued an "all clear" following an extensive search.  Fox News reports that word of the shooting came after the news that the FBI was establishing command centers around the country to monitor potential terrorist threats around the Fourth of July weekend.  Retired Navy Capt. Chuck Nash says he is not aware of any specific threat.

New Warden, New Security Measures:  Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate New York is implementing a range of new security measures following the escape of two convicted murderers, leaving new superintendent Michael Kilpatrick, a 30-year correction veteran, with great responsibility.  Michael Virtanen of the AP reports that the new measures include ramped-up searches of inmates' cells, staffing changes to ensure more effective bed checks and installation of security gates in the facility's tunnels.  One of the two escapees, Richard Matt, was shot dead by police and the other, David Sweat, was captured alive after a three-week manhunt.  The former superintendent, two of his deputies and nine other staff members have been placed on paid leave while an internal review is conducted.

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