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Inmate Praises Death Penalty Before Execution:  A Missouri death row inmate, convicted of the 2001 rape and murder of a 19-year-old woman, was executed Tuesday after the U.S. Supreme Court rebuffed the last of his appeals and Gov. Jay Nixon rejected his request for clemency.  The AP reports that 55-year-old David Zink, in a final written statement, says that he hopes his execution will bring peace to the victim's family, offering his "sincerest apologies" for his actions.  He also had this to say to fellow death row inmates:

"For those who remain on death row, understand that everyone is going to die. Statistically speaking, we have a much easier death than most. So I encourage you to embrace it and celebrate our true liberation before society figures it out and condemns us to life without parole and we too will die a lingering death."

Baltimore Joins Forces with Feds to Curb Crime:  Baltimore city authorities have teamed up with federal authorities, creating a "war room" to curb the crime wave that has plagued the city since the April death of a young black man in police custody.  Maggie Ybarra of the Washington Times reports that Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Black, interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis and State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced at a Sunday press conference their plans to establish an around-the-clock fusion center focused on violent crime, stating that the police department has identified "four different groups of bad guys who are responsible for a disproportionate amount of violence."  Over the weekend, 20 people were shot, and 24 have been killed in July.  The city's homicide toll has reached 168 since the start of the year.

Sanctuaries Release 8,000 Criminal Aliens:  During an eight-month period covered by a Freedom of Information Act, "no less than 276 state and local jurisdictions with immigration sanctuary policies released 8,145 criminal aliens who were facing deportation," according to the Center for Immigration Studies.  Elizabeth MacDonald of Fox Business reports that 1,900 of the released offenders were arrested for other crimes, while two-thirds had serious, prior criminal histories at the time of their release.  The report comes in response to immigrants' continued abuse of non-immigrant work visas, 9.9 million of which were issued in FY 2014.  Approximately 40% of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. overstayed their non-immigrant visas.

TX Murderer Set to Die Thursday:  A Texas death row inmate is scheduled to die this Thursday for the 2005 murder of an elderly woman in East Texas.  Michael Graczyk of the AP reports that 31-year-old Clifton Lamar Williams broke into the home of 93-year-old Cecelia Schneider to steal money for cocaine, fatally beat and stabbed her, set her body and bed on fire, and fled in her vehicle.  He will become the 10th inmate put to death in the state this year.

Indiana Man Convicted of 53 Counts in Deadly Home Explosion:  Now that a jury convicted an Indiana man of murder, arson, and conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, a judge must consider his eligibility for a life without parole sentence for a 2012 home explosion that gutted a subdivision and killed two people.  The AP reports that the jury convicted 46-year-old Mark Leonard of the 53 counts against him after deliberating for just under four hours total.  He waived his right to have the jury decide whether to recommend a sentence of life without parole on the two counts of murder in the deaths of John and Jennifer Longworth.  In 2012, Leonard masterminded a plan with his then-girlfriend and half-brother to blow up the home for $300,000 in insurance.  Half-brother Bob Leonard will face a trial in mid-January on the same charges, and trials for two other individuals are to be scheduled.

San Jose Police Utilizing New Tactic for Suppressing Gang Violence:  Violence had been declining in San Jose, California until the summer arrived, prompting police to launch a new tactic that aims to stem the sudden spike of gang-related crimes in the city.  Chris Nguyen of ABC 7 News reports that the San Jose Police Department implemented a gang suppression staffing model, ramping up enforcement efforts in five different areas throughout the city "with the goal of being highly visible to help deter more crimes from happening."  The department plans to use the strategy for the duration of the summer, and adjust it depending on the program's results.

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