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The End of Crime Reduction

Sentencing reformers have been celebrating their successes in the states, and to be honest, they've had more than a few.  The word "reform" of course, is just code for "shortening sentences for felons so they can get back in business more quickly."

The emotive engine of sentencing "reform" does not stop with shorter sentences.  It's the same engine that powers the call for more passive policing, curbing or ending the death penalty, and (perhaps most notably in recent times) perpetuating the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" hoax, in which a white policeman, Darren Wilson, was driven off the force and out of town by a fabulist yarn of racist murder.  In fact, Wilson acted in self-defense against the aggressive behavior of a man who outweighed him by 85 pounds.

More police, more focused policing (including but not limited to stop-and-frisk), and more incarceration are three of the most important factors in the massive crime reduction the country has enjoyed over the last generation.  Out of forgetfulness and complacency (by some) and contempt for the United States (by others), there has been a sustained attack on these things.

Sooner or later, the attack was going to take a toll.

As heroin use and murder surge from coast to coast, that time is now.

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