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BLM, the New Fascism

It's not like we've never seen shouting down opposing speakers.  We saw plenty of it, circa 1930's Germany.

We saw more today, courtesy of Black Lives Matter.  The person they shouted down was the black, female, liberal Democrat who is the Mayor of the District of Columbia, Muriel Bowser (not that it was any better when they did it to two white men, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley).

The Washington Post has the story:

Dozens of protestors shouting "black lives matter" interrupted D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser's address late Thursday morning on how to stem the rising number of homicides in the city.

Bowser (D) planned to announce a wide-ranging, $15 million plan to boost both community programs and police presence in response to a 36 percent spike in killings this year. But protesters linked to a nationwide movement that has mobilized over allegations of police misconduct erupted at her first mention of putting more officers on the streets. 

The story continues:

The mayor tried to make her points despite the activists. Her supporters stood and applauded, and her community outreach staffers surrounded protesters, trying to coax them to sit down during the remainder of the 20 minute speech.

But the shouts continued, and the crowd struggled to hear Bowser's words over chants of "jobs, not jail," and "police are not the answer."

It was the latest indication that the city's spike in violence has become a political problem for Bowser, a first -term incumbent who campaigned at a time when crime was not a major concern, and whose chief focus had been managing gentrification in fast-changing neighborhoods and moving beyond the ethics scandals of her predecessor.

It's all true.  When she campaigned, crime was not an issue.  But that was before the hate-the-cops eruption,

The mayor left the stage to a mix of applause and boos and was forced to huddle with reporters in a hallway afterward - and with her security detail keeping others away - to answer questions and finish outlining her agenda.

And that's where we are in August 2015.  A security detail is needed to keep the mayor of Washington, DC, from getting menaced by fellow African Americans, so she can talk to the local press, which is also largely African American.

The mayor chose the Congress Heights neighborhood, east of the Anacostia River, as the backdrop to lay out her plan to address the deadly violence.

That area of the city has seen the greatest increase in homicides,which are up 95 percent from this time a year ago.

Full stop.  The number of murders has approximately doubled in 12 months.  Let's just say it out loud.  But it's time to do a smack-down against the police.

"Some critics have said that today's event will be about arresting black men," Bowser said. "We're not here to talk about arresting black men -- but about how we can save their lives."

But Bowser soon was outlining efforts to put more than 200 additional officers on the streets, and opponents of that idea erupted.

The mayor had told members of the D.C. Council on Wednesday that, among other initiatives, she wants to make it easier for parole and probation officers to search those with a history of violent convictions and try to get illegal guns off the street.

It is not, however, just among the protesters that the mayor is finding trouble.

Among those protesting was former D.C. Council candidate Eugene Puryear.

"It's not that the mayor doesn't know that people are angry, it's that she has decided the broader conversation that has been driven by black lives matter around this country is not relevant to her," Puryear said.

"At the end of the day tougher penalties and more cops, which have been proven to have a negative effect, are something that she is going to continue to support.

That tougher penalties and more cops have had a "negative effect" is a point-blank lie, as Mr. Puryear would understand if he paid attention to anything beyond his radical ideology.

Still, I guess if you can just shout down opposing (and truthful) voices, no need to look at the evidence.

Next stop:  Book burning.

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