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Las Vegas Blames California for Spike in Crimes

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Overall crime in Las Vegas spiked by 22 percent this year, with homicides up by over 60 percent, sexual assaults up by nine percent and robberies up by 21 percent.  And what does the sheriff think is the reason behind this?  CBS reports:

The sheriff of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department claimed a number of crimes that happened in Sin City have been traced back to Californian[s].

Sheriff Joe Lombardo blamed AB 109, which allows for early release of certain inmates, and Proposition 47, which reduces nonviolent crimes to misdemeanors.

"Individuals we're able to identify, and also the victims of those crimes - we're seeing a significant increase in individuals that have gang affiliation, gang association directly related to California," Lombardo said.

Los Angeles' city attorney expressed skepticism in how Lombardo made a connection between the Las Vegas crime spike and California's laws.  Still, it is telling, even if Lombardo's theory is falsely perceived, that because AB 109 and Prop. 47 are such bad policies, neighboring states believe they are reaping the negative consequences of them as well.

Whether or not there is anything to Sheriff Lombardo's reasoning remains to be seen.

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What happens in California stays in Las Vegas?

That's called the contagion effect. It's not implausible. Don't know if that's what is actually happening here, though.

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