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Equal Access to Justice, Loretta Lynch Style

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It came out today that Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a private, off-the-schedule meeting with Bill Clinton, the husband of the subject of an ongoing criminal FBI investigation into the improper handling of classified emails.

Question:  If your spouse is under investigation by the FBI, what do you think your chances are of getting a closed meeting, or any meeting, with the Attorney General? What do you think they should be?

And here I thought Freddie Gray prosecutor Marilyn Mosby was a politicized hack.

Still, we can rest assured that, ya know, nothing untoward got discussed, since Ms. Lynch had this to say when the press found out about the meeting:

"Our conversation was a great deal about grandchildren, it was primarily social about our travels and he mentioned golf he played in Phoenix," said Lynch Tuesday afternoon while speaking at the Phoenix Police Department.

Or, as Bill Clinton might say, looking us right in the eye, "I did not discuss emails with that woman, Ms. Lynchinski."


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-->"Sources tell ABC15 Clinton was notified Lynch would be arriving at the airport
soon and waited for her arrival."

-->"Lynch said the private meeting on the tarmac did not involve these topics."

-->"It doesn't end there. We're told the private meeting onboard her plane lasted about a half hour."

--> Lynch: "It was primarily social..."

Not suggestive of impropriety? Who does this?


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