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Initiative to Fix California's Death Penalty Qualifies for Ballot

The initiative to fix problems that have obstructed the enforcement of the death penalty in California has qualified for the ballot.  The announcement is on the website of Californians for Death Penalty Reform and Savings.

Four years ago, the friends of murderers came within four percent of repealing the death penalty because they had the money to qualify an initiative while the forces of justice did not.  Many people believed that the choice was therefore one between repeal and the status quo of a penalty that is never enforced.

Not this time.  The status quo will be history come November, and the people have a clear choice between "end it" and "mend it."

If both initiatives pass, the one that gets the greater number of "yes" votes will prevail.

The greatest problem, once again, will be the great disparity in funding.  Softness on crime is the cause of deep-pocketed elitists who do not suffer the consequences of crime, while the base for toughness on crime consists mainly of regular folks of modest means who do.  The other side will be able to run deceptive ads, and we will have limited ability to counter them with truthful rebuttal through paid advertising.  Hopefully we will be able to get the truth out through other means.

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