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Mother of FL Murder Victim Wants Killers Executed:  The mother of a Florida woman who was murdered over three decades ago is determined to live to see the remaining two of the four killers executed.  Laurie K. Blandford and Melissa E. Holsman of the TC Palm report that Sally Slater's daughter, Frances Julia Slater, was 18-years old in 1982 when she was kidnapped by four men who had robbed the gas station where she was working, drove her to another location, stabbed her and then shot her in the back of the head.  The man who stabbed her, John Earl Bush, was executed in 1996 at age 38; Terry Wayne "Bo Gator" Johnson, 59, who was passed out drunk in the car and didn't participate in the murder, was sentenced to life but paroled in 2008; and the other two men, J.B. "Pig" Parker, 53, and Alfonso Cave, 57, remain on death row.  All of Cave's appeals are exhausted but Parker's aren't.  Sally Slater has been writing letters to Gov. Rick Scott asking that he order a clemency hearing for Cave so that he can be executed.  As for Parker's appeal, it could be delayed until the Florida Supreme Court decides if the new death penalty law enacted in March applies to his case.  It's also possible that a judge could rule that condemned prisoners with pending appeals be re-sentenced under the new law.  Sally says she's frustrated because too often, "murder victims and their families are forgotten."

SF Homeless Debate Intensifies after Brutal Slaying:  A brutal murder in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park last month has intensified the debate over the city's longtime homelessness problem.  Michael E. Miller of WaPo reports that two homeless men were charged Monday in the death of another homeless man, 66-year-old Stephen Williams, in what authorities believe was a display of "street justice" because the killers, Stephen Billingsley and Nikki Lee Williams, believed the victim had masturbated near children in the park.  The killing is just the latest violence highlighting the ongoing problem with San Francisco's homeless population that people say is turning the city into an "unsafe" and filthy "shanty town."  Others criticize the "very negative element of drug dealing" and note that the homeless population "get[s] the correct impression that they can do anything because there's no consequences."  Williams' May 24 murder comes less than a year after three young transients were arrested for murdering a Canadian backpacker in Golden Gate Park and a yoga instructor on a hiking trail two days later.  "We are all fed up," said editor in chief on San Francisco magazine Jon Steinberg.

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The poor mother---judges have thwarted justice.

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