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Obama Administration Lowballs Crimes by Illegal Aliens:  The watchdog group Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) revealed that the 30,558 criminal aliens released in FY 2014 committed 13,288 additional crimes, a far higher number than the 1,423 reported by the Obama administration last July.  Caroline May of Breitbart reports that the president of FAIR, Dan Stein, criticized the Obama administration upon discovering the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) records obtained via a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, for attempting to hide the true numbers by providing inaccurate information to Congress and the public "[r]ather than end dangerous politically-driven policies that have put a total of 85,000 deportable criminal aliens back into the streets in the last three years."  In FY 2014, the 30,558 released criminal aliens went on to commit an array of new crimes, including vehicular homicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, DUI, burglary and assault.

Ferguson Effect to Blame for Increase in Murder Rates:  America's largest cities have seen a 17% spike in murder rates over a one-year period, and according to a new study released by the U.S. Department of Justice, the "Ferguson Effect" could be partly to blame.  Richard A. Webster of the Times-Picayune reports that the study focuses on 56 of the nation's most populous cities that consist of more than 250,000 residents, 18 of which have seen homicides spike by more than 25% and 12 that have seen a 50% increase. The study offers two explanations regarding the Ferguson Effect and how it has impacted crime, specifically murder. The first explanation asserts that increased police scrutiny in the wake of highly publicized shootings have caused law enforcement to pull back, allowing for criminals and potential murderers to roam freely, undeterred.  The second emphasizes the distrust and discontent that exists between the police and African American communities, resulting in a lack of cooperation with police investigations.  Another possible explanation for the nationwide murder spike is the expansion of inner-city drug markets fueled by the heroin epidemic.

Petition Submitted to Block Manson Follower's Parole: 
A petition was submitted to California Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday in an effort to block the parole of a follower of Charles Manson imprisoned for killings a wealthy grocer and his wife over four decades ago.  The AP reports that Leslie Van Houten was convicted of murdering Leno and Rosemary La Bianca in 1969, one day after other "Manson family" members killed pregnant actress Sharon Tate and four others.  Debra Tate, Sharon's sister, along with a nephew and grandson of the La Biancas, turned in 140,000 signatures, taking up three boxes, at Brown's Capitol office.  Van Houten was recommended for release by a parole board in April.  The recommendation will go to Brown in August and he will have until mid-September to decide whether or not to block Van Houten's release.

Serial Killer's Fate Depends on OK Authorities:  A man currently serving a 60-year sentence for abduction could potentially face the death penalty after he was linked to several murders across both Texas and Oklahoma. KFOR reports that William Reece recently led police to the remains of Kelli Cox, whom he abducted and murdered in 1997. Police believe that there are at least five women whom have also suffered the same fate at Reece's hands, though he has only been formally charged with one murder. Texas officials have Reece in custody and have decided not to impose the death penalty if he agrees to lead them to the bodies of other victims. Oklahoma's authorities have yet to make a decision in regards to the death penalty and may still decide to impose it.

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