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No Remorse for Doctored Video

Erik Wemple, who covers media issues for the WaPo, has this post on the doctored video in Katie Couric's documentary on gun rights, which Bill noted Tuesday.   Wemple notes that while Couric has apologized, director Stephanie Soechtig continues to insist she did nothing wrong.

For the record, the edit in question misportrayed an exchange between Couric and members of the Virginia Citizens Defense League. In response to a question about background checks, VCDL members are depicted in stunned silence for about eight seconds. An audiotape recorded by VCDL President Philip Van Cleave showed that Couric's inquiry fetched an immediate and quite reasonable response.
After quoting Soechtig's absurd responses in an interview, Wemple concludes, "Arrogance and disregard for people are horrible traits in someone who purports to explore one of the country's most divisive issues."

Unfortunately, Soechtig's attitude is all too common in too many people purporting to explore divisive issues.  For too many, it is perfectly okay to distort and deceive as long as you are doing it in support of the Politically Correct position.

Note that this deception has only received the attention it has because Van Cleave made his own independent recording, catching Soechtig red-handed.  If it had merely been his word as to what happened, and not this recorded proof, she probably would have gotten away with it.


The political left does not have a corner on the market for deception and distortion, e.g.:


Unfortunately, deception and distortion has become the norm rather than the exception for what passes for "journalism" these days, on both sides of the political equation.

Has a previous State Dept. ever done this?
"both sides of the political equation"?

House GOP demands answers from State Department on Iran exchange
June 3, 2016 washpost@powerpost

Chairman Jason Chaffetz sent Secretary of State John Kerry a letter
Thursday night demanding ... who ordered the cutting of several
minutes of the video
, and information about why and when the order
was given.
The deleted portion features an exchange between Fox News
reporter James Rosen questioning then-State Department
spokeswoman Jen Psaki about whether the administration lied
about secret talks with Iran.

Last month ... [d]uring the hearing, Chaffetz showed clips of the
deleted video the State Department admitted this week to cutting.

State Department spokesman John Kirby acknowledged
that the missing minutes were not the result of a
glitch, as officials had initially said, but “a deliberate step to
excise the video.”


Not touching the abortion issue on this blog with a 10-foot pole.

notablogger, Slate isn't exactly a reliable evaluator of what is said on Fox News.

By the by, notablogger, it is funny you mention abortion--whatever Fox News' distortions may be, the studied concealment of the number of late-term abortions on viable fetuses is a disgrace. We are constantly told of the therapeutic nature of these sorts of abortions (and a decent amount of them are for fetuses with profound abnormalities, e.g., Trisomy 18 or anencephaly, but many of them are done to perfectly healthy fetuses and a mother who is not in danger--note, if the mom is in danger, they don't have to suck the brains out of the baby). The media covered for Obama's lies on Illinois legislation which would protect babies born alive.

Like I said, an interesting choice of topics to talk about dishonest media.

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