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The Trouble With Transcripts, and Colleges

I prefer to read transcripts rather than watch video of events.  It saves a lot of time to skip over the parts I am not interested in and use word search to find the parts I do care about.  Unfortunately, there aren't enough transcripts on the Net.

The problem, though, is that the transcripts that are out there are generally produced by voice-recognition software, and anyone who has ever used voice recognition knows it can get things very wrong.  That is why we still have humans preparing trial transcripts.  The WaPo has this transcript of Donald Trump's press conference this morning, annotated by its not particularly even-handed staff.  The part about colleges costs has an example.
And the saddest thing I see is these students are leveraged debt up to their -- up to their neck. They can't breathe, they're scared, they're so scared they have leveraged their entire life. They have loans.

And I have to tell you, the colleges are viewing the students as just a con to it. Because the students get government money, passes through but the number gets higher and higher.

Because college costs are out of control, because the colleges say what difference does it make? If you take a look at the salaries being paid, you take a look at what's going on with the colleges.

Because all of this is a pass through and the students are a con to it. So the colleges are costing so much money. We are going to help the students. Maybe that doesn't fit beautifully within the Republican framework.

No, he didn't say "con to it," he said "conduit."

I am glad to see someone talking about college costs and calling out the colleges themselves as a big part of the problem.  This is an "elephant in the living room" problem.   Everyone talking about college costs seems to be afraid to bring up the bloated budgets of the colleges.

Also, seeing the persons supposedly served as a mere conduit for government money is not limited to colleges.  We see that all over, any time government picks up the tab for anything.


Based upon your review of the transcript (which I haven't read yet), does it appear that DJT may have violated any federal law by urging Russia to hack HRC's email (if a fair reading of the transcript appears to support any such encouragement)?

A very tendentious reading of the law--First Amendment principles come into play here.

See follow-up post.

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