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Prop 57 Spurs Concerns About Sex Offenders:  California's new ballot initiative, Proposition 57, is raising concerns among law enforcement officials and prosecutors about how it will impact sex offenders.  Tracy Lehr of KEYT reports that proponents of Prop. 57, which call it the Public Safety Rehabilitation Act of 2016, claim it applies only to non-violent offenders, but quite the opposite is true.  Ventura County District Attorney Greg Totten describes the measure as "a wolf in sheep's clothing" that "will make 16,000 dangerous criminal immediately eligible for early release."  One crime that is considered non-violent under Prop. 57 is sexual assault of an unconscious person, which means that people like Andrew Luster, who is serving a 50-year prison sentence for sexually assaulting three unconscious women, will be eligible for release.  It would have also benefited Brock Turner, the Stanford rapist, had he been properly sentenced to prison.  Prop. 57 is a "reckless proposal" that "must be rejected," says Totten.

OH Considers Nitrogen Has as New Execution Method:  Ohio is considering using nitrogen gas as a new execution method due to ongoing problems in securing lethal injection drugs.  Alan Johnson of the Columbus Dispatch reports that nitrogen gas, which is widely available and inexpensive, causes asphyxiation when it is pumped into an air-tight chamber by depriving the blood of oxygen.  However, since it hasn't been tried in executions before, it will have to be thoroughly vetted and tested in the court system.  Oklahoma has adopted the use of nitrogen gas as an alternative method of execution.  It has been nearly three years since Ohio has carried out an execution, mainly due to lawsuits and difficulty obtaining lethal injection drugs.  There are 28 death row inmates with execution dates scheduled over the next four years, beginning in January.

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