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The Criminal Justice Summit

I've been remiss in not having posted tapes of the panels from last week's Washington Post Criminal Justice Summit.

The panel on which I appeared, concerning the role of prosecutors (and by extension, prosecutions) is here.

The panel specifically about sentencing reform, featuring NAAUSA President Steve Cook and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, is here.

The half hour interview with Attorney General Loretta Lynch is here.

For those with the time, the whole ball of wax is here.  Readers might be interested in seeing how thoroughly the discussion inside the Beltway is dominated by those who tend to see criminals as victims.  If Trump is elected, the shock waves in DC will be unlike anything I have experienced in my forty-plus years in this town.


Enjoyed your presentation, Professor Otis, and your use of data to back up your points. I thought it was reasonable to point out there are multiple factors in the jump in violent crime. The hysterics by the victim advocate got the cheers (and the applause from other panel members!) but lacked any substance.

Thanks very much. Numbers aren't everything, but they tell a big part of the story.

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