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Abolitionism Gets Creamed

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California rejected a move to end the death penalty by fat margin, a bigger margin than it did four years ago.  This is in a state Ms. Clinton won overwhelmingly.  The fate of Prop 66, which would expedite death penalty cases, is not decided at this hour, but is leading.

In Nebraska and Oklahoma, pro-death penalty measures won easily.  In other words, abolitionism lost everywhere it could lose, and it wasn't close.

Let there be no doubt who is the leader of tonight's landmark success in the Golden State:  Kent Scheidegger, together with CJLF and the people who back it. It's a privilege to be able to blog with Kent, Mike Rushford, and the CJLF's staff.

1 Comment

Absolutely. Kent & Co really stepped up to the plate and I am sure Linda Greenhouse has taken notice.

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