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Black Lives Matter Gets Creamed

Black Lives Matter was one issue that clearly divided President-Elect Trump from Sec. Clinton.  Trump robustly supported the police and proactive policing; Clinton made a point of playing up to (one might say "pandering to," but that would be ungenerous) BLM and its supporters.

Tonight's result leaves little doubt where the country is on the issue, not that there was a lot of doubt anyway, what with trust in the police surging in the recent Gallop poll to a near-record 76%.  BLM and its theory of America as a racist pigsty belongs to academics, think tanks and left-wing politicians, but commands almost no support elsewhere.

It was also heartening to see Mr. Trump give special recognition in his victory speech to Sen. Jeff Sessions and Mayor Rudy Giuliani, two of the leading voices exposing the folly of BLM.

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