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Study: Racist Police Narrative is False

For the past eight years, the world has been told that American law enforcement is infected with racism.  The President, the Attorney General, most civil rights leaders, most of academia, seemingly every Democrat politician in the country, and the national media have repeatedly cited the disproportionate number of arrests, convictions and incarceration of young black males as proof that white police officers and prosecutors are literally rounding up blacks and throwing them in prison.  We have been told that the racial bias is so prevalent that white police officers routinely single out black suspects and murder them.  The Black Lives Matter movement was formed specifically to fight this perceived injustice and over the past couple of years more than a few police officers have been assassinated by BLM followers.  John Lott, Jr., of the Crime Prevention Research Center and Carlisle Moody of the College of William and Mary have released a study mentioned below in the News Scan which found that black suspects are more likely to be shot by black police officers and female police officers than by white police officers.
After developing a database for police shootings nationwide from 2013 through 2015, which is larger and more detailed than the data available through the FBI, Lott and Carlisle rigorously tested against several variables to reach the central finding.  Another finding appears to disprove the effectiveness of body cameras at reducing shootings. 

This study was not released in a vacuum. 

There has been a strong response to the divisive liberal-progressive narrative of police racism by most law enforcement leaders and a small band of scholars, who have explained that while blacks make up 13% of the population, black males commit 52% of all homicides and over 60% of all robberies.  The "disproportion" in incarceration rates is due to a disproportion in offending rates.  Most of the victims of black perpetrators are other blacks.  It follows that there will be more violent encounters between police and blacks than with other races, just as it is true that there are more violent encounters between police and men than with women.  Men commit most of the crime.     

In his recently-released book, The Rise and Fall of Violent Crime in America, Professor Barry Latzer exhaustively documents the causes of increased crime and violence particularly in 70s and 80s and the policies that were effective at reducing it.  Manhattan Institute scholar Heather MacDonald has vigorously confronted the over-incarceration and Black Lives Matter narratives advanced by the political left and the media, particularly with her book The War on Cops.  Others, including frequent contributor Bill Otis have done yeoman's work to flush out the deceptive claims of race baiting politicians, academics and pundits. 

Those of us who have for years warned that the progressives, their think tanks, and the major media have been lying to America were vindicated last week.  The politically correct alternative universe they have been living in just got a hell of a lot smaller.    

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