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News Scan

Illegal Charged in Fatal Car Crash:  An illegal alien who had been deported five times, has been charged with causing a February 19 accident that killed a 42-year-old Southern California woman.  Gregory Wilcox of the Los Angeles Daily News reports that Esturado Alvarado has been charged with more than 20 felonies and misdemeanors since 1990 and, according to ICE, had been deported to Mexico five times, most recently in 2011.  The Los Angeles Police Department said that Alvarado was drunk and speeding down Sepulveda Boulevard in an SUV when he T boned Sandra Duran's Toyota Camery, killing her and injuring her son and his girlfriend.  At the time of the accident, Alvarado was fleeing from another accident he had caused.  Los Angeles is a among the most illegal immigrant-friendly cities in the U.S.  

Sex Offender Charged in 1977 Murder:  DNA has linked a Florida man, who served time in prison for sex crimes, with the 1977 rape and murder of a 16-year-old Utah girl.  The Gebhardt Daily reports that Patrick McCabe was extradited last weekend from Florida to Utah to face charges of first degree murder and aggravated sexual assault after his DNA was found on the halter top used to gag 16-year-old Sharon Schollmeyer during her rape and murder in December of 1977.  McCabe, who was the building manager for the victim's apartment at the time, has admitted that he raped and killed the girl after using his pass key to enter her apartment while she was asleep.  Her nude body was later found in a half full bathtub by her mother.  A DNA sample was taken from McCabe after he was convicted and sentenced to prison in 1999 for the sexual assault of a minor.   

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