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News Scan

ICE Detains 50 in Detroit Raid: In a Saturday raid of a Detroit building, Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 50 people. Fox News reports that the raid was part of an on-going investigation. The abandoned building was believed to be the site of cockfighting ring and a illegal gambling organization. Following the raid, ICE arrested 50 of the 83 people in the building for violations of immigration law. The individuals arrested will remain in ICE custody pending removal proceedings pursuant to U.S. immigration law.

Baltimore Manhunt Launched for Firebomber: The hunt is on in Baltimore as a suspect has been named in the firebombing that took place last Thursday. Fox News reports that Antonio Wright, 26, has been accused of throwing the "molotov cocktail" that started a house fire which claimed the lives of two teenagers and seriously injured six others. Most of the victims were below the age of twenty-one. Wright has yet to be arrested, but an investigation is continuing to determine if this event had some connection to a shooting that took place nearby two nights earlier.

Judges Assigned to Expedite Deportations: Twelve US judges have been temporarily assigned to several US cities to work through the backlog of deportations building up from the administration's crack-down on illegal immigrants who have been convicted of crimes.  Julia Edwards Ainsley of Reuters reports that Cities the DOJ wants to staff up include New York; Los Angeles; Miami; New Orleans; San Francisco; Baltimore, Bloomington, Minnesota; El Paso, Texas; Harlingen, Texas; Imperial, California; Omaha, Nebraska, and Phoenix, Arizona. Immigration judges are still being selected for assignment to help with the thousands of pending immigration cases in the targeted cities.


How about "FBI Chief Confirms Ongoing Investigation of Trump Campaign for Possible Collusion with Russia"?

Seems kinda newsy to me.

You mean an investigation that hasn't turned up any evidence since July?

I ask, and I know I won't get an answer, what do you think of the fact that Ted Kennedy tried to get the Soviets to collude with him to get elected? Of course, you could put that off on one guy, but the entire Democratic party lionized him when he passed away--but now that party is chasing will o' the wisps about Trump and the Russians.

Interesting juxtaposition, no?

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