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News Scan

Oklahoma Officer Dies in Shootout: An Oklahoma police officer lost his life early Monday morning following a shootout with a suspect. Fox News reports that officer Justin Terney was engaged in a shootout with a suspect following a traffic stop late Sunday night. The suspect fled from the officer following the stop and opened fire after the officer used his stun-gun to attempt to subdue the suspect. Following surgery, the officer lost his life. The suspect who also sustained injuries is still in intensive care.

Series of Shootings in Florida: A series of shootings Monday morning in Sanford, Florida, has left at least one person dead and multiple people wounded. John Bacon of USA Today reports a gunman shot four people in a home before leaving and shooting at random bystanders on the street before being subdued by Florida police. A woman in the home was killed and an adult and two children, ages 7 and 8, were rushed to a hospital in critical condition. The shooting reportedly originated with some form of domestic dispute.

Illegal Immigrant Attempts Texas Kidnapping: An Illegal immigrant tied up a Texas woman and forced her into a vehicle in attempt to kidnap her last Wednesday.  WBAL TV reports that the woman told authorities she had been supplying food and water to the man, who was staying behind her Carrizo Springs house for three days before he allegedly tried to kidnap her. Luckily, the woman was able to escape while he was trying to start the vehicle. She eventually led authorities to the suspect, who was found unresponsive lying in a grassy area - though medical technicians later determined he was faking his condition.

Washington State May Toughen DUI Law:  The Washington Senate passed a bill  that would toughen the sentence for those who habitually drive while intoxicated.   Jim Camdon of the Spokesman-Review reports that the House is now considering the Senate bill which would allow a sentence of 13 months in prison for a person convicted of their 4th DUI.  The bill also punishes drivers under the influence of drugs, including those who have used marijuana, which is legal in Washington. This is in response to an increase in marijuana-related accidents.  A driver under the influence of marijuana is "an unguided missile that is one intersection away from a direct hit," said Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell.

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