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Coulter Speaking at Berkeley

Kent has noted that Ann Coulter will be speaking at Berkeley after all, the University's Chancellor now saying that he has found a "protectable venue."

I write separately about this because of the enormous importance I see in this issue.  My perception was only heightened when I attended the William F. Buckley, Jr. Program's "Disinvitation Dinner" this week in New York City, keynoted by the infamously disinvited Peter Thiel. http://www.businessinsider.com/peter-thiel-chased-off-stage-by-angry-protestors-at-uc-berkeley-2014-12

The blindness and cowardice in so many of our universities is a big part of the problem, but not the main part.  That would be the fascist bullying the universities are called upon to confront  --  but find the task so vexing because of the very ideologically-rooted, hard-edged intolerance they have bred.

The resulting thugs have a name:  Brownshirts.  We have seen them before, and we know where this leads.  It's not just that university needs to find "protectable venues." It's (1) that the university must understand that its whole campus and indeed its whole raison d'etre is to be a "protected venue," and (2) that the protection at some point is going to have to involve the use of substantial physical force against the thugs.  Brownshirts know one language, and it's time we spoke it to them.

Allowing the United States to become 1930's Germany is a price civilization cannot afford. 


The new Brownshirts are members of an international fascist group called Black Bloc. They gained worldwide attention for violent protests at the 1999 World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle. They are easily identifiable wearing black clothing, covering their faces with scarves or masks, and carrying clubs, bricks, mace and sometimes explosives. I am unaware of any Black Bloc attacks on liberal/progressive speakers, politicians or events. It was Black Bloc that initiated the violence and destruction at Berkeley to stop the Milo address. They have nothing to do with free speech, they are about violence and anarchy and have no problem attacking women, the elderly or anyone else they can gang up on. They should be targeted as a criminal gang by state and federal law enforcement and any college that allows masked protesters carrying weapons on campus should be severely sanctioned.

-- Thank you Michael for the info. on Black Bloc.--

A somewhat analagous leftist-atheist group is wreaking havoc now in Venezuala.
According to Venezuelan-born Deborah D'Souza, the Colectivos are criminals
released and assembled by deceased Marxist Dictator Hugo Chavez. They
were convicted rapists and murderers, and they now conduct rapes and
murders and manglings of peaceful opponents of the current
Socialist-Communist Dictator Maduro.

Deborah D'Souza, whose parents are suffering deprivation in Venezuela, states
that the recent murder of Paola Ramirez was conducted by Collectivos-leftist
thugs. https://soundcloud.com/glennbeck/42117-why-venezuela-matters-

Boy, woman killed in Venezuela mass protests
Caracas (AFP) - The 17-year-old boy was shot by gunmen on motorbikes who also threw tear gas canisters into a crowd of protesters, Amadeo Leiva, head of the Clinicas Caracas Hospital which treated him, told AFP.
A 23-year-old woman, Paola Ramirez, died after being shot in the head in the
western city of San Cristobal, the state prosecution service said later in a
---- ----
"We have to end this dictatorship. We're fed up. We want elections to get Maduro out, because he's destroyed this country," said protester Ingrid Chacon, a 54-
year-old secretary.

The President in turn has urged his supporters, the military and civilian militias to defend the Socialist "Bolivarian revolution" launched by his predecessor Hugo Chavez in 1999.
"The hour of combat has arrived," Maduro said this week.

It's fine and appropriate to condemn the antifa/Black Bloc thugs who are shutting down speech in Berkeley. But by the same token, we should equally condemn alt right thugs, including Kyle Chapman, Nathan Damigo, Identity Evropa, the Oathkeepers, Gavin McInnes and the Proud Boys who are looking to make Berkeley a battleground themselves.


The actions of both are revolting.

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