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Deputy AG Confirmed

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Yesterday the U.S. Senate confirmed the nomination of Rod Rosenstein to be Deputy Attorney General of the United States. The vote was 94-6, with Senators Blumenthal, Booker, Cortez Masto, Gillibrand, Harris, and Warren casting the dissenting votes. 

One can only wonder if there is anyone President Trump could possibly have nominated whom these six would have voted for.  Were they expecting him to renominate Sally Yates?

Even so, in the present poisonous atmosphere 94 votes is a very good start, and we congratulate Mr. Rosenstein and wish him well in a tough job.

1 Comment

I would note that Rosenstein is so exemplary that, when President Bush put him up for the Fourth Circuit, Maryland's two Democratic senators (then Mikulski and Cardin) declined to go along, on the stated grounds that he was so good that Maryland could not afford to have him leave the US Attorney's Office.

You know I'm not making this up because NO ONE could make it up.

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