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News Scan

Facebook Killer Commits Suicide:  Steve Stephens, the man who last Sunday posted the cold-blooded murder of a 74-year old man on Facebook, killed himself during a brief police pursuit this morning.  Fox News reports that police spotted Stephens behind the wheel of his car in Erie County, PA and attempted a traffic stop.  Stephens refused to pull over and continued driving until he shot himself.  He was about 100 miles from Cleveland, where he randomly shot Robert Godwin in the head while recording the murder on his cellphone.  

Habitual Felon Arrested for Murder:  Sacramento, CA Sheriff's officers have arrested a repeat felon with two prior convictions for beating women, as the prime suspect for the murder of a young woman.  Ellen Garrison of the Sacramento Bee reports that Teris Vinson was already jail on an illegal weapons charge when he was identified as the likely murderer of 28-year-old Janet Mejia.  Mejia was reported missing on April 11 by her female roommate, who was Vinson's girlfriend.  On April 13, Mejia's body was found with gunshot wounds alongside a rural road. Vinson was convicted in 2011 and 2013 for domestic violence.  He was sentenced to two years in prison for the second conviction but it was not reported how long he actually served or whether he was released on state parole or county probation.  Under California's Public Safety Realignment (AB109) domestic violence is not classified as a violent or serious crime.  

Six Detroit Officers Shot Since October:  Two Detroit police officers were shot last Sunday, making them the 5th and 6th officers shot in the past seven months.  George Hunter of the Detroit News reports that the high number of police shootings in the motorcity is making officers feel under siege.  "This is the worst I can remember in my 23 years in law enforcement," said police officers association head Mark Diaz.  The shootings occurred near midnight as two 25-year-old officers were investigating a residential burglary.  As the officers approached the house a 19-year-old occupant armed with a shotgun opened fire, hitting both officers.  The Detroit Police Chief believes that the shooter may not have known they were police officers and was trying to defend his home.  

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