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News Scan

Next AR Execution Set for Tonight:  The next Arkansas murderer facing execution this month is scheduled to received lethal injection this evening.  Mark Berman of the Washington Post reports that Kenneth Williams, 38, has filed petitions claiming he is mentally retarded and thereby ineligible for execution, and that one of the executions performed earlier this week was "botched."  The claim of a botched execution was based upon the defense attorneys assertion that when rapist/murderer Jack Jones received his injections Monday night, his lips were moving and he was "gulping for air."  Witnesses to the execution confirmed that Jones lips moved "very briefly" but there was no gulping.  Williams was serving a life sentence for an earlier murder, when in 1999 he escaped in a garbage truck.  He got off the truck in the nearby town of Grady and came upon Cecil Boren, who was working on his car.  Williams killed Boren, dragged his body into a bayou, and stole his car.  He was arrested after leading police on a high speed chase which killed a truck driver.   

ICE Arrests 76 Alien Criminals:  In a sweep conducted last week the Federal Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) reports that 76 criminal aliens were arrested in Florida and Puerto Rico.  Of those arrested during the enforcement action,  57 had criminal records that included felony convictions for serious or violent offenses, such as lewd & lascivious behavior, sexual battery, child sex crimes, sex offenses, aggravated assault with deadly weapon, weapons charges and drug violations. Additionally, 19 had less serious or violent violations to include; larceny, petty theft, trespass, driving under the influence, fraud, driving with no driver's license.  13 of the offenders had been previously deported.  Among them was a Bahamian citizen in Miami.  The subject has convictions from 1995 for sexual assault, burglary, robbery, kidnapping and was registered as a sex offender. The subject is currently pending removal proceedings before an immigration judge.

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