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Additional Nominee for FBI Director: Karen P. Tandy

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It's being reported that the President has narrowed his list for head of the FBI.  I have previously suggested Judge Julie Carnes of the Eleventh Circuit.  I now want to add a second name  --  Karen Tandy.

Karen and I started off as Assistant US Attorneys.  I was immediately impressed with her diligence, concentration and fearlessness.  She went on to become an Associate Deputy Attorney General for George W. Bush who, in 2003, nominated her to be Administrator of the DEA.  I joined her there as her Counselor, and my working with her only impressed me more with her qualities.  She is a shrewd, decisive leader whose moral compass guides her every moment of the day.

About a year ago, she joined the National Security Advisory Council (see this news story, which also outlines her career).  She could make a zillion bucks, and did when she was Vice President of Motorola, but she's a patriot and would give it up to render further service to the country.

The President would do well indeed to give her serious consideration.

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There is a decent response to the otherwise cogent H. MacDonald post:
"Farewell to a Champion of Law and Order".

Here are excerpts:
“I met Jim Comey during the Bush 43 administration ...

“Obama and Comey almost made it all the way to the end of Obama’s term
without having a potential political conflict affect their collaboration. That
was a major accomplishment considering the abuses carried on by the
Obama administration: 
Running a program to spy on adversarial reporters [AP & FoxNews];
using the IRS to persecute political opponents in Tea Party nonprofits;
overseeing a sloppy program of arming violent criminals along the border
[Fast and Furious];
orchestrating a cover-up to blame a YouTube video for the death of
Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others in Libya

and of course the scandals, wrapped in abuse and surrounded by
law breaking, concerning the server, emails and smartphones of
former-Secretary Clinton and her enablers

The response by Matt Schlapp is found here:

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