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Delaware DP Reinstatement Bill

Last August, the Delaware Supreme Court seriously misinterpreted the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Hurst v. Florida.  In this post at the time, I asked, "Does Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn have the requisite vertebrae to petition for certiorari?"  Regrettably, the answer was no.

A bill to "fix" the system that isn't actually broken has passed out of committee to the floor of the House, Ian Gronau reports for the Delaware State News.  A floor vote scheduled for today has been postponed and is expected Tuesday, WMDT reports.

Regrettably, the bill would adopt what I call a "single-juror veto" law as opposed to a true unanimity law.  Single-juror veto laws have resulted in gross miscarriages of justice, including the Aurora theater shooting case in Colorado and the Carnation murders in Washington State.  See also this post.

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