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FBI Director Candidates

The WSJ reports:

President Donald Trump is meeting on Wednesday with four candidates to lead the Federal Bureau of Investigation, including Acting Director Andrew McCabe and former Sen. Joe Lieberman, the White House said Wednesday.

...  Press secretary Sean Spicer said the other two candidates Mr. Trump will meet with are former FBI official Richard McFeely and former Oklahoma Gov. Frank Keating.

Sen. Lieberman would be a politically interesting choice, but he has neither law enforcement nor prosecutorial experience.  He was Attorney General of Connecticut, but as I understand the way responsibilities are divided in Connecticut, that isn't really a prosecution office.  Further, even Democrats say that this is not the time, if there is any, to appoint a politician to this post, even one of their own.  Sen. John Cornyn and Rep. Trey Gowdy have already withdrawn from consideration.

I like the idea of picking someone "up from the ranks," though I don't know enough about Mr. McFeely to make an endorsement.

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