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Morning News Notes

Several news items on crime and more-or-less related issues in the WSJ this morning:

Felicia Schwartz reports, "The Trump administration accused the Syrian government of operating a crematorium to cover up what U.S. officials called 'mass murders' at the notorious Saydnaya prison outside Damascus."

Paul Vigna reports that the WannaCry ransomware extortionists got $66,000 in Bitcoin, but actually cashing it in may expose them. 

Question:  How would we punish the extortionists if we catch them?  This is, after all, a "nonviolent" offense despite the fact that it caused many very sick people in Britain to miss medical treatments.  We are constantly assured by The People Who Are Soooooo Much Smarter Than The Rest Of Us that "nonviolent offenders" are per se harmless and of low culpability, so we should let them off with little more than a finger wag.  That is the enlightened and "smart" thing to do, the all-wise and all-good tell us.

Carol Lee and Shane Harris reports on the controversy over President Trump sharing intelligence information with the Russians during a White House meeting last week.

Brett Kendall reports on the oral argument in the Ninth Circuit on the travel ban case.

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