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News Scan

CA Parole Board to Release Cop Killer:  State corrections officials have announced that a man convicted of conspiring in the 1985 murder of a Los Angeles police detective will be released from prison in a few days.  James Queally and Matt Hamilton of the Los Angeles Times report that Voltaire Williams has been serving a 25-to-life sentence for his part in a plot to assassinate Detective Thomas Williams in front of his six-year-old son in order to keep the detective from testifying at a robbery trial.  The decision by the state Parole Board to release Voltaire Williams was made after Governor Jerry Brown requested they reconsider an October, 2016 grant of parole.  According to the Association of Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys this reinforces the fact that the Parole Board is determined to release life sentenced inmates regardless of their dangerousness to society.

Sanctuary City Bill on TX Governor's Desk:  Texas Senate Bill 4 reached Governor Greg Abbott's desk Thursday after clearing the state senate 20-11.  Fox News reports that the bill would impose stiff fines and even jail time to state officials, including mayors and police chiefs who refuse to follow federal immigration laws.  The Governor has promised to sign the bill which has been criticized by several big city police chiefs who claim it will keep illegals from cooperating with the police for fear of deportation.  But the Lt. Governor said, "There is no excuse for endangering our communities by allowing criminal aliens who have committed a crime to go free.  SB4 will ensure that no liberal local official can flaunt the law."

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