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News Scan

Court Rejects Quadruple Killer's Appeal:  In a one-sentence ruling, the Michigan Supreme Court declined further review of a murderer's claim that his no-contest plea in the killing of four women should be withdrawn.  Stephen Kloosterman of Michigan Live reports that Leon Means, who confessed to killing his wife and mother-in-law in 1989 and two other women in 2014, argued that his plea was involuntary because he was suffering from depression, had high blood pressure, and was denied medication while in jail.  He was sentenced to two life-without-parole terms for the most recent murders and 20-47 years for the earlier murders.

WA Murderer's Appeal Denied:  A Washington sex offender convicted on DNA evidence of the 1995 murder of a single mom has lost his bid to have the state's highest court hear his trial error claims.  Scott North of the Washington Herald reports that the Washington Supreme Court unanimously declined review of Danny Giles' claim that his trial was improper because the trial judge did not allow him to present speculation about other possible suspects.  An earlier story in the Herald described how Patti Berry, who worked as an exotic dancer to support her 2-year-old daughter, was kidnapped after work in July of 1995.  Her partially nude body was found in the woods days later.  In 2008, police interviewed Giles after DNA testing linked him to the murder.  After Initially lying about any connection to Berry, he then said that he might have had sex with her, but couldn't remember.  Giles is serving a 47-year sentence for the crime, and police are investigating his involvement to the murder of another woman earlier in 1995.

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