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News Scan

Chicago Gangs Using Military Weapons:  A bulletin issued Monday by the Chicago Police Department warns that, based upon evidence discovered at recent shootings, street gangs are regularly using high caliber military grade rifles.   Associated Press writer Don Babwin reports that shell casings found after Sunday's shooting at a memorial for a dead gang member were from weapons capable of piercing bullet proof vests.  Two people died and eight others were injured in that incident.   Another shooting earlier Sunday left one man dead.  A shooting Monday reported in today's Chicago Tribute marks the 200th murder in the windy city this year. 

Aaron Hernandez Murder Conviction Erased:  A Massachusetts judge vacated the murder conviction of NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez, because he hung himself in his cell before his appeal was heard.  FoxNews reports that Hernandez was serving a life sentence for murdering another football player in 2013, when he allegedly committed suicide last month.  Massachusetts follows the legal principle of "abatement an initio" which requires the conviction be erased if the defendant dies prior to the appeal.  Prosecutors argued against it, saying it rewarded Hernandez for killing himself. 

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