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News Scan

Legal Pot Floods Town With Vagrants:  According to residents, legalized recreational marijuana has turned the Colorado town of Durango into a haven for homeless vagrants and panhandlers.  Joseph Kolb of Fox News reports that the picturesque mountain town on the New Mexico border has been overrun with transients, panhandlers and homeless drug addicts. While many of the new visitors are coming from New Mexico, where pot is not legal, others have come from as far away as New York.  The city recently settled a lawsuit with the ACLU allowing the homeless to panhandle.  With residents now routinely finding syringes in the streets, one local said "..I don't feel safe here anymore."   

Military Leaker Released 28 Years Early:  Chelsea Manning the transgender formerly known as Bradley Manning, has been released from prison after serving seven years of a 35-year sentence for releasing hundreds of thousands of classified military and diplomatic files in 2010.  Charlie Savage of The New York Times reports that Manning's release was the result of President Obama's commutation of her sentence as he was leaving office.  Her support network has raised $138,000 to help with her transition into private life.  Private Bradley Manning was a low level intelligence analyst for the Army when he decided to release the classified data to WikiLeaks, hoping to inspire "worldwide discussion, debates and reforms."   

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