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Criminals Game CA Sentencing Laws:  Over the past six years, California has passed three major sentencing laws geared to keep criminals out of state prison.  Over that period, 45,000 mostly habitual felons have been released into communities.  Jessica Rosenthal at Fox News reports that, while criminals whose most recent conviction was for a property or drug crime are released from prison to light supervision on county probation, the serious and violent criminals released to the more intense supervision on state parole are taking advantage of a major flaw in the state's sentencing scheme to get off parole.  The trick....commit a new crime.  The reporter says they can get off parole for committing a misdemeanor, but it is worse than that.  Because CA law does not allow prison for virtually any property or drug felony, and even crimes like assault, anyone convicted of one of these crimes receives a short county jail sentence and is released on probation.  The result...criminals on parole are stealing a car or burglarizing a business in order to get the lighter supervision.  Two legislators, a democrat and a republican, have introduced a bill to require the state parole board to look at a criminal's entire record to determine the level of supervision on which he should be placed.  This a very modest reform that won't affect thousands of criminals who are released administratively or criminals who do not commit violent crimes.

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