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WA Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence:  In an 8-1 decision announced Friday, the Washington Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of Cecil Davis for the 1997 murder of Yoshiko Couch.  The Tacoma Weekly reports that after he was convicted and sentenced for rape, robbery, and murder of the 65-year-old woman, his death sentence was set aside for a trial error in 2004, and reinstated after a new sentencing trial in 2007.  Friday's decision rejected Davis's claim that the Washington's death penalty is unconstitutional because it does not require a jury to find, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a defendant facing the death penalty does not have an intellectual disability. 

Illegal Meth Traffickers Arrested:  Two illegal immigrants were arrested in an Ohio drug bust last week, which recovered cash and enough methamphetamine for 3,600 doses.  NBC4 Columbus reports that 33-year-old Francisco Torres-Davilla [sic] and 27-year-old Ramon Sanchez-Reyes admitted to sheriff's deputies that they were in the U.S. illegally to sell drugs.  Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones told reporters "that wall can't go up fast enough."  In March, the Washington Post reported that there were so many fatal drug overdoses in Ohio that one county coroner was using a cold-storage trailer as a temporary morgue.  According to the Ohio Department of Health, the number of opioid-related deaths skyrocketed from 296 in 2003 to 2,590 in 2015 -- a 775% jump over a 13-year period.

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I wonder why the Obama Administration did not keep record of how many traffickers were illegal immigrants.

Luckily, someone did in Boston:

"An analysis of Class A Trafficking arrests showed that 39% of the arrestees claimed to have been born in the US, 26% claimed to have been born in Puerto Rico, and 65% were born in another country. 84% of those who reported that they were born in another country stated they were born in the Dominican Republic. It should be noted that for many of these arrests, the AFIS records listed multiple places of birth. There has been open source reporting that Dominican drug traffickers will use identities
stolen from Puerto Rico to acquire Drivers Licenses in Massachusetts, and in other states. An analysis was done to see if there were signs of identity fraud or use of aliases by those arrested for trafficking. In 44% cases where a person was arrested for Trafficking Class A in 2015 or 2016, and listed a place of birth other than the US, there were signs of past identity fraud or use of different names at booking. In 59% of the cases where the suspect listed Puerto Rico as their place of birth, there were signs of identity fraud or use of aliases. This would suggest that heroin trafficking in Boston is largely controlled by Dominican drug organizations."


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