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News Scan

OK Appeals Court Upholds Death Sentence:   An Oklahoma appeals court has ruled that while the victim impact statements by the mother, father and stepmother of a murdered 25-year old woman and her two young children, recommending a death sentence for the murderer were improper, they amounted to harmless error and should not be the basis for overturning his sentence.  Ken Miller of the Associated Press reports that Shaun Bosse was convicted and sentenced to death for the brutal 2010 murders of his girlfriend, her 8-year-old son and 6-year old daughter.  "Overwhelming evidence" indicated that Bosse stabbed the woman and her son to death and locked the little girl alive in a closet before setting the house on fire.  Last October in Bosse v. Oklahoma the U.S. Supreme Court vacated and remanded the Oklahoma court's decision which held that the family members' recommendation of a death sentence were allowable, but invited the lower court's consideration that the statements were harmless error. 

More on Immigration & Terrorism:   The recent Manchester bombing highlighted the difficulty progressives have in admitting the connection between immigration policy and Muslim jihadist terrorists.  In her piece "The Left's Unilateral Suicide Pact" in today's City Journal, Heather MacDonald makes the case that the West's terrorism problem is most certainly an immigration problem.  The notion that suicide bomber Salman Abedi was a British citizen, and therefor would not have been stopped by a tightening of immigration policy is tunnel vision.  "...a second-generation Muslim immigrant with a zeal for suicide bombing is as much of an immigration issue as a first-generation immigrant with a terrorist bent. The fact that second-generation immigrants are not assimilating into Western culture makes immigration policy more, not less, of a pressing matter. It is absurd to suggest that Abedi picked up his terrorist leanings from reading William Shakespeare and William Wordsworth, rather than from the ideology of radical Islam that has been imported into Britain by mass immigration," writes MacDonald.        

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