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News Scan

ICE Needed Backup to Arrest NY Illegal:  ICE agents arresting a criminal illegal immigrant in Richmond Hill Tuesday had to call for backup as a crowd gathered to protest.   Elizabeth Keogh & Thomas Tracy of the New York Daily News report that roughly 30 neighbors were shouting at ICE agents as they took Hardat Sampat, an illegal immigrant from Guyana, into custody.  Sampat had been been facing prison time for an assault in Florida five years ago when he agreed to be deported.  He returned, joining his family in New York and was awaiting trial for burglarizing a woman's home in Rockway in April when ICE arrested him.  "This is what Trump is doing," said one neighbor. 

Police Use Spit to Nab Murder Suspect:  Los Angeles police used DNA testing of spit on a sidewalk to link Geovanni Borjas to the rape and murder of two young women.  CBS Los Angeles reports that testing of DNA recovered from the victims' bodies returned a partial match with Borjas' father, who had been arrested for an assault years ago.  This made Borjas a possible suspect, and police, while following him, recovered his saliva after he spit on a sidewalk. Testing returned a match.  Borjas worked at a Rite Aid pharmacy frequented by both victims.  One of the victims went to the pharmacy to buy cough drops the day she disappeared.  The nude body of 17-year-old Michelle Lozano was found wrapped in plastic bags along Interstate 5 in April of 2011.  The partially-clothed body of 22-year-old Bree'Anna Guzman was found on January 26, 2012, near an onramp to the Glendale Freeway.  Borjas pleaded not guilty on Tuesday.  If found guilty he would be eligible for a death sentence.

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