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C&C Gets Around

Two weeks ago, I wrote in this space that Special Counsel Bob Mueller has a conflict of interest (his long friendship with a major witness and possible investigative subject, Jim Comey) that requires his recusal.  I thought the topic sufficiently important that I submitted my entry in slightly revised form to USA Today, which printed it

A colleague of mine at Georgetown Law tells me that it was mentioned in a Washington Post story the next day.  The mention was hardly prominent, coming six paragraphs from the end of a somewhat long article, but it did get my attention.

The person the Post reported was reading and tweeting about the argument first outlined on C&C has the initials DJT.
The WaPo had this to say:

Earlier this week, one of the president's sons, Donald Trump Jr., highlighted on Twitter an op-ed in USA Today that argued that Mueller should recuse himself from the Russia investigation because he has a potential conflict of interest, given his longtime friendship with Comey, a crucial witness.

The piece, which Donald Trump Jr. retweeted, was written by William G. Otis, an adjunct law professor at Georgetown University who was a special counsel for President George H.W. Bush.

So keep up with your C&C.  As they say, you heard it here first.


That's fantastic, Bill. Lot's of good stuff here on C&C if I do say so myself.

Just so............and you should chime in far more often.

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