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CA Prison Tab, $75,000 Per Inmate:  In 2011, Governor Jerry Brown signed the "Public Safety Realignment" bill (AB109) into law.  At the time he promised that by reducing the state's prison population, Realignment would save millions of tax dollars, which could be used for rehabilitation and education.  At that time, the state's cost per prison inmate was roughly $49,000.  In 2014, proponents of California Proposition 47, the George Soros/ACLU funded "Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act," told the public that converting property and drug crimes to misdemeanors would save millions more.  Last fall, Soros and Jerry Brown pooled another $10 million to buy TV ads, telling voters that the Governor's Proposition 57, "The Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016," would save even more millions by washing another 9,000 to16,000 prison inmates out on parole years earlier if their most recent felony was nonviolent.  Today, Associated Press writer Don Thompson reports that next year, with 30,000 fewer prison inmates, the state's cost per inmate will be $75,000...more than enough to send every inmate to Harvard.  Were all of these proponents lying or were they just stupid?  Yes.

Oral Argument on CA Death Penalty Reform Tomorrow:   The California Supreme Court will hold oral argument on the legal challenge to enforcement of last November's Proposition 66, a ballot initiative adopted to speed up enforcement of the death penalty in the Golden State.  Bob Egelko of the SF Chronicle reports that the plaintiffs in Briggs v. Brown are claiming that the measure, which sets deadlines for post-conviction review of capital cases, would "force the courts to prioritize a certain type of case at the expense of all other types of cases."  Not so, said CJLF Legal Director Kent Scheidegger, who told the reporter that the measure would actually relieve the Supreme Court of part of its capital workload by having initial hearings in the trial courts where frivolous claims could be flushed out.  Scheidegger will be participating in the oral argument tomorrow, which will be live-streamed at 9:30 am at this link.


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