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News Scan

Crime Out of Control in Baltimore: Following eight shootings Monday that left six people dead, the Baltimore Police Commissioner, Kevin Davis, intends to flood the streets with officers.  Kevin Rector and Jessica Anderson of the Baltimore Sun report that officers will be working 12-hour shifts with every available officer on patrol.  Davis said that gun offenders in Baltimore "do not fear arrest, they do not fear a successful prosecution, and quite frankly, they don't even fear a damn guilty verdict," because they often get off lightly.  He has asked the legislature to increase the consequences for gun criminals by making the illegal possession of a firearm, which is currently a misdemeanor, a felony.  The Chairman of the legislature's Judicial Proceedings Committee has said that such legislation is "not the answer." 

Crackdown on MS-13 in New York:  Agents from Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security are working together to round up members of the brutal MS-13 gang in the Empire State. Kaja Whitehouse of the New York Post reports that 39 members of the gang have been arrested over the past month.  Those wanted for crimes face prosecution while the rest will be deported.  The federal agencies joined with the NYPD, the Suffolk County PD and the Nassau County PD to launch "Operation Matador" a month ago.  The goal is to eliminate the gang, which has been responsible for a string of brutal murders in recent months.  

OK Sentencing Reform May Stall:  An effort to relieve prison costs in Oklahoma and change the state's sentencing process may be stalled as the deadline for passing bills is this Friday.  Aaron Brilbeck of News9 reports that the one legislator, Scott Biggs, is holding up the reforms because he wants an interim study to look for unforeseen consequences caused by the legislation.  While the Governor is opposed to the delay, Biggs wants the state to define which crimes should be classified as violent to assure that the so called non-violent offenders the reforms would spare from prison are not dangerous criminals.  

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