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News Scan

CA Probationer Arrested With Multiple Felonies: Jaime Benjamin Garcia of Moreno Valley was arrested May 31 after officials found illegal substances in the vehicle. Trevor Montgomery of Valley News reports that Garcia was booked on suspicion of seven felonies related to weapons and narcotics possession, possession of a controlled substance, including being a felon in possession of a firearm and ammunition and multiple prior state prison enhancements. Sergeant Morovich discovered that Garcia is on PRCS probation for auto theft. After searching his car, deputies seized a loaded .375 Smith & Wesson revolver, additional ammunition and over 8 grams of methamphetamine. 

Justice Delayed: Sentenced to die in 1984 for the murder of Mary Jane Stout, John Stumpf may finally face the consequences in November 2018.   Andrew Welsh-Huggins of the AP reports that the victim's husband 87-year-old Norman Stout has been waiting over three decades for the execution of his wife's killer. In recent years, one source of delay has been legal challenges to lethal injection protocol, but in Stumpf's case the years of appeals challenging his attorney, the prosecutor, and blaming his accomplice have dragged through the courts for decades. The day of the crime, the Stouts had just finished dinner when there were two men at the door asking to use their phone; once the men entered, they announced the robbery. After regaining consciousness from shots he received from Stumpf, Stout heard the four gun shots that killed his wife; he says "I can't imagine the pain...when she was shot.  I want him to feel some pain".

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