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When Early Release Gets a Pass

Generally, early release from prison is a bad idea.  The system is already laced with so much leniency that more is seldom justified.  The eye-opening Washington Post series, "Second Chance City" gives a glimpse of what leniency actually does:  It promotes crime and assures more crime victims.  Some of them will wind up beaten, raped or dead, or all three.

America is not over-incarcerated.  It is, if anything, under-incarcerated, as its astounding recidivism rates and burgeoning murder rate since 2014 show.

Still, I do not wish to be a hard-hearted man.  Even for a lifelong thug, a man so bad even his son testified against him and now has to be hidden in the federal witness protection program, there can be a case for being released before completing all eight years of his sentence.

The New York Daily News has the story.

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