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Broad Minded Legal Education -- Sorry, Just Joking

Q:  Wanna know why the particular law school you attended is a leftist haven?

A:  Because they're all leftist havens.

Well, OK, they're not all leftist havens.  You can still find a conservative on the faculty at George Mason (now Antonin Scalia Law School), Pepperdine, BYU, Notre Dame and Alabama. You can also find a few at Chicago and Virginia if you try really hard.

P.S.  I believe that, for purposes of this survey, libertarians were counted as conservatives, although on the criminal law issues of greatest interest to C&C, libertarians line up with liberals far more often than with conservatives.


Academics are cowards. They can't fathom the idea of having someone else in the room who thinks differently than they do. That's why they demand that everyone on faculty come from the same schools, have the same work experiences, and the same ideology.

As bad as this chart is, if it excluded libertarians (who are liberal on plenty of issues) it would look far worse. And if it showed votes from the most recent election...


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