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NY Judge Frees Cop Attacker  A New York judge is taking heat for releasing a repeat felon arrested for attacking a police officer Saturday.  Fox News reports that, after attempting to wrestle away a female officer's gun in a Brooklyn precinct house and telling arresting officers that he wanted to kill a cop, 29-year-old Kurdel Emmanuel was released on his own recognizance Sunday by Judge Loren Baily-Schiffman.  Emmanuel is facing charges of assault and attempted robbery.  The District Attorney had asked Judge Baily-Schiffman to set bail at $250,000.  His release comes one week after another habitual felon who said he hated cops shot and killed a female New York police officer. 

Federal Court Overturns Death Sentence:  A triple-murderer sentenced to death for the 1982 killing of a car salesman has won a Ninth Circuit ruling overturning his death sentence.  Jenny Wilson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that Nevada murderer Tracy Petrocelli shot and killed Reno car salesman James Wilson, five months after killing his 18-year-old girlfriend in Washington state.   Petrocelli, a habitual felon who plead guilty to kidnapping his girlfriend in May of 1981, was given a suspended sentence by a Washington judge and assigned to drug rehab.  Later that year he killed the girlfriend.  Since his conviction for murdering the car salesman, Petrocelli has also plead guilty to killing another man in 1981  The Ninth Circuit's July 5 ruling announced that it was prosecutorial misconduct to introduce the testimony of a psychiatrist at the sentencing hearing, who had failed to give Petrocelli his Miranda warning prior to interviewing him.  Since his conviction Petrocelli, who has never claimed innocence, has had his claims of trial and sentencing errors reviewed by five courts over the past 35 years. 

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NY Judge Frees Cop Attacker
~ Maybe the city's Judge had never heard that anti-police criminals
can actually kill police, so she progressively went about her business,
as did the city's Mayor.

Mayor De Blasio is slammed for skipping vigil for assassinated police officer to deliver an anti-Trump speech at the anti-capitalist G20 protests
By Timothyna Duncan For Dailymail.com
Published: 19:29 EDT, 9 July 2017

-|- The New York City Mayor delivered two speeches at the protests
held in Hamburg, Germany

-|- De Blasio critiqued President Trump's stance on the Paris climate deal
at the 12,000-strong protests organized to disrupt the G20 summit

-|- His critics say he should have been attending a vigil held in honor of assassinated police officer, Misostosis Familia
... 'New York City right now is mourning the loss of a police officer
who was dedicated to the City of New York, and we have our Mayor
who's just gone to Germany to join protesters,'

Sergeants Benevolent Association President Ed Mullins said.

-- The mayor was absent from the vigil held on Saturday in commemoration of
Misostosis Familia.The 48-year-old officer who was shot in the head on
Wednesday while sitting in her marked vehicle in the Bronx.

-- Embattled De Blasio attended the 12,000-strong protests to 'disrupt
the summit'
, where more than 200 police officers were injured.


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