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News Scan

DC Circuit Tosses Blackwater Conviction:  A divided panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia overturned the first-degree murder conviction of a security contractor who fired on a group of Iraqi civilians in 2007, leaving 14 dead.  Spencer S. Hsu of the Washington Post reports that the court found the 2014 conviction of guard Nicholas Slatten resulted from an abuse of discretion by the trial judge for not allowing him a separate trial as the only one of the four guards facing a murder charge.  The court also overturned Slatten's life sentence, and the 30-year sentences given the three other guards.  The court determined that  the sentences, required under federal law for use of military weapons, were not intended for military security contractors, but for U.S. drug traffickers.  Judges Karen LeCraft Henderson and Janice Rogers Brown held that the sentences were "grossly disproportionate to their culpability for using government-issued weapons in a war zone." 

ICE Banned From CA Labor Offices:  The California Labor Commissioner has ordered her employees to refuse entry to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to state labor offices unless the agents have a court warrant.  Adam Ashton of the Sacramento Bee reports that the order was in response to three instances in recent months where ICE agents sought the immigration status of workers who had filed claims against employers.  The Commissioner said that the presence of ICE agents would discourage immigrants from reporting employers.  We assume she meant illegal immigrants.  Last December the CA Superintendent of Schools encouraged school districts to declare campuses "safe havens" from immigration enforcement.  Rather than wait for all other state agencies to take similar action, the state legislature is currently moving a bill that would declare the entire state a sanctuary for illegal aliens. In late July the California Department of Motor Vehicles reported that it had issued driver's licenses to nearly 1 million undocumented immigrants, in effect making them documented immigrants.  


Once illegal aliens get driver's licenses in California, what mechanism is in place to prevent them from registering to vote?

Clinton's victory margin in the last election seemed far too vast for a state that, not so very long ago, voted for Reagan, G.H.W. Bush and Pete Wilson (and Schwarzenegger for whatever that's worth) not to mention the anti-illegal alien Proposition 187.

As Californians at the CJLF, do you think there's anything to President Trump's claims as to the California result (even if his numbers may be over the top)?

ICE Banned From CA Labor Offices:
"The Commissioner said that the presence of ICE agents would discourage immigrants from reporting employers."

It might well discourage I.l.l.e.g.a.l. aliens from reporting. We want to discourage their very incursive presence.

This article suggesting that California give illegal aliens the vote was published last weekend in the Sacramento Bee: http://www.sacbee.com/opinion/california-forum/article165368987.html

Essentially, employers were illegally employing unauthorized aliens, illegally failing to pay them for their labor and then reporting their employees to ICE so that they could deport their creditors. Edward I used similar means to obtain relief from his debts to English Jews in 1290. Expulsion beats paying what you owe doesn't it? Why the California Labor Commission should put up with this abuse of its processes is beyond me,

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