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Death Penalty For Woman Who Killed Cousin:  On Monday, a 29-year-old Phoenix woman was sentenced to death for locking her 10-year-old cousin in a plastic storage box and leaving her to die. CBS News reports that Amy Deal was locked in the box as punishment for stealing a popsicle.  The girl's death ended a lifetime of abuse.  Samantha Allen became Amy's legal guardian after Samantha's mother was sentenced to 24 years in prison for abusing Amy.  The abuse continued under Samantha's care and included repeated beatings, being kicked in the face, near drownings, and being locked in the storage container.   Samantha's husband will also be tried for first-degree murder and child abuse beginning on October 9. 

Illegal Immigrant Convicted of Rape:  An illegal immigrant living in Vacaville, CA, has agreed to plead guilty to the rape and sexual abuse of three young girls.  Jess Sullivan of the Daily Republic reports that 36-year-old Nelson Arana agreed to the plea deal rather than face a second trial on the charges.  He had been in prison since 2012 after an earlier conviction on the same charges, but a court of appeal overturned the conviction based upon evidence that the sex with one of his victims had been consensual.  Rather than face a retrial and the possibility of a longer sentence, Arana agreed to a six-year sentence and deportation.

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