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Habitual Criminal Stabs CA Woman:  A Sacramento woman is in the hospital today after a habitual criminal on probation broke into her home and stabbed her just after 5:00 a.m. Wednesday morning.  Nashelly Chavez and Jacob Sweet of the Sacramento Bee report that the suspect, 24-year-old Jordan Lynch was on probation when he entered Delia Trip's home through a sliding door and attacked her.  The woman suffered stab wounds on her neck and back as she fought for her life.  Neighbors, alerted by her screams, caught Lynch attempting to flee and subdued him until police arrived.  He is facing charges of attempted murder.  California law categorizes most property and drug offenders as low risk for violence, and restricts sentences for these crimes to county jail and probation.  Serious felons released from prison who violate their parole are routinely sentenced to a few days in county jail and released to light supervision on probation.  

10th Circuit Overturns Murder Conviction:  A unanimous panel of the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the conviction of an Oklahoma man who murdered his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend in 1999.  Robert Boczkiewicz of The Oklahoman reports that the court overturned the conviction because the murder occurred on Indian Land and murderer Patrick Murphy should have faced trial in federal court rather than in state court.  Facts provided in the ruling indicate that in August 1999 Murphy, a member of the Muscogee Tribe, told his girlfriend that he was going to kill her ex-boyfriend George Jacobs and his family.  Murphy and two accomplices tracked Jacobs down on a rural road in Indian Territory and forced his car off the road.  The group attacked Jacobs and another man in the car.  During the attack Murphy dragged Jacobs into the bushes and castrated him, then dragged him back to the side of the road and fatally slashed his throat and stomach.  A jury convicted Murphy of murder and sentenced him to death.  Murphy appealed citing the jurisdiction issue and claimed he was mentally retarded.  The court rejected the retardation claim.  Murphy will be retried in federal court.   

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