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DC Sniper's Sentence Upheld:  Lee Boyd Malvo, serving six consecutive life without parole sentences for his participation in the 2003 sniper murders of 10 people, lost one of his bids for a reduced sentence Wednesday.  Alanna Durkin Richer of the Associated Press reports that a Maryland judge rejected Malvo's claim that he was entitled to be re sentenced because of the Supreme Courts 2012 holding in Miller v. Alabama, which announced that state laws which impose a mandatory LWOP sentence for murderers under 18 are unconstitutional.  In upholding Malvo's sentence, the Maryland judge noted that in his state a life sentence for juveniles who commit capitol murder is not mandatory and that the sentence was handed down after full consideration of Malov's age, mental and emotional condition.  Last May In Virginia, a federal judge overturned the four LWOP terms he received in that state, citing the Miller decision.  The Virginia Attorney General is appealing that ruling.  

Violent Crime Up Again in California:  The California Attorney General has released the annual Crime In California report for 2016 and the news is mostly bad.  The state suffered across-the-board increases in violent crime, with homicide jumping nearly 5% after a 10% increase in 2015.  While robbery, and aggravated assault were also up, the increase in rape was the highest at over 7%.  Three years of increases in these crimes suggests a trend.  The state's report shows that from 2014 to 2016 homicide in California rose by 15.3%, robbery by 12.5% and aggravated assault by 13.7%.  Rape shows a much larger increase over this period, but some of this may be attributed to a broadening of the definition of rape in 2014.  Over the past six years California has adopted three sweeping sentencing reform laws designed to keep so-called non violent property and drug criminals out of prison, leaving them in counties to serve reduced jail sentences and engage in rehabilitation programs upon conviction of most new felonies.  The statistics suggest that each year more Californians are becoming victims of these reforms.         

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Wow! Defense attorney makes effective argument for the death penalty:

Daughter gets 25-to-life for killing mom in Upstate NY by stabbing her
227 times

Syracuse.com - Updated on August 5, 2017

A jury convicted Gilbert on April 27 of second-degree murder, a felony,
after three hours of deliberation.

{{ 2nd degree.. too much.. after 2000 stabs, then it becomes wittingly,
then it satisfies 'mens rea', }}

Gilbert's lawyer, John Ray, said he thought she would kill someone in prison.

"It is almost certain," he said outside the courtroom that day.

Why, Ray was asked.

"Because Sarra's insane. Sarra's insane. Sarra's violent. Sarra's psychotic.
She is extremely psychotic, and in her psychosis, she has been repeatedly
homicidal," Ray said. "She has attacked nurses. She's attacked other
patients with her .... She killed her mother. She was going to kill her
son. She was going to kill her sisters.
The chances that Sarra, in a prison, even on meds, will not commit
another homicide are very slim. She will kill again.

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